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The Lead Archives

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The Lead Issue 17, December 2023: National Apprenticeship Week, Pre-Apprenticeship
The Lead Issue 16, November 2023: ACT Training
The Lead Issue 15, October 2023: Construct Tomorrow
The Lead Issue 14, September 2023
: Welcome Back!
The Lead Issue 13, August 2023: Apprentice Orientation
The Lead Issue 12, July 2023: Hello Summer!
The Lead Issue 11, June 2023: Terra-cotta Restoration, Pre-Apprenticeships--2 Complete, 1 to Go!
The Lead Issue 10, May 2023: 2023 Contest, Graduation, & Pre-Apprenticeship
The Lead Issue 09, April 2023: Projects, Pre-Apprenticeship, & Upcoming Contest
The Lead Issue 08, March 2023: Women in Construction Week, Registering for Pre-Apprenticeship, Student/Parent Night
The Lead Issue 07, February 2023: Training Center Update, Registering for Pre-Apprenticeships, Women in Construction Week
The Lead Issue 06, January 2023: Construct Tomorrow at the Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center, Arches, Swearing In, Upcoming First Aid/CPR & OSHA 3115
The Lead Issue 05, December 2022: Volunteer at Upcoming Construct Tomorrow Events, Instructor Training, Annual Union Holiday Party
The Lead Issue 04, November 2022: Tradeswomen Build Nations Conference, Training with Schluter Systems
The Lead Issue 03, October 2022: The International Apprentice Contest, Fall Classes Begin, Hands-on at the Hmong College Prep Academy
The Lead Issue 02, September 2022: Riley & Keanan Move on to International Competition, Fire at the Training Center, Introducing New Staff
The Lead Issue 01, July 2022: June Pre-Apprenticeship Complete, MN Trades Academy Visits, Upcoming Tradeswomen Build Nations Conference