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Apprentice Resources

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Apprentice Portal
Login to enter on-the-job hours all apprentices. This is a requirement of your registered apprenticeship and must be completed, at minimum, monthly. Instructions for using Engage and entering hours may be found here.

Local 1's Active Contractor List
A list of active signatory contractors and their contact information.

BAC Local Union #1 MN/ND/SD
Homepage for our Local. Calendar of events, out of work list, etc.

Member Portal
Login page for the BAC Member portal. This provides members with access to resources such as collective bargaining agreements, constitutions, and wage addendums.

Zenith Administrators
Login page for BAC Local #1's fund administrator. Your account provides you with access to your benefits information, hours worked, pension, HRA, and vacation account.
Call Zenith: 651-256-1801

A program dedicated to the MN/ND Bricklayers and Allied Crafts to improve your quality of life by offering counseling and resources at no cost to members and their families. T.E.A.M. counselors are available by phone 24/7 or at scheduled face-to-face confidential counseling appointments to address alcohol or drug concerns, behavioral challenges such as gambling or overspending, family and parenting issues, legal and financial questions, job-related problems and personal/emotional difficulties. 
Call TEAM: 651-642-0182 or toll-free: 1-800-634-7710

International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
Homepage for our International Union.

International Masonry Institute
Homepage for IMI/IMTEF. Additional upgrade trainings available to members in good standing. These courses are offered at the IMI in Bowie, MD. The costs of travel and stay are covered by the union. For additional information, contact John Slama.

Upgrade Trainings
Our upgrade trainings are aimed to provide new skills and knowledge development necessary to enhance productivity, improve performance and make you more competitive. Some of these trainings are certifications required for specific tasks or jobs. All trainings are free of cost to members in good standing.