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What's New at the Training Center?

2024 Apprentice Skills Contest


What an incredible weekend at our Apprentice Skills Contest! We saw outstanding craftsmanship and competition as 15 apprentices showcased their skills in tile, PCC, and brick. Congratulations to all our participants and a special shout-out to our winners:

1st Place: Josh Leopold
2nd Place: Nick WongDock
1st Year PCC
1st Place: Andrew Morrissette
2nd Place: Josh Chenevert
2nd Year PCC
1st Place: Bruce Kurth
2nd Place: Cale Chapman
3rd Year PCC
1st Place: Zakory Lindgren
1st Year Brick
1st Place: Ethan Krekelberg
2nd Place: David Garcia
2nd Year Brick
1st Place: Ethan Poch
2nd Place: Denis Gubanov
3rd Place: Shane Hagberg
3rd Year Brick
1st Place: Keanan Carlson
2nd Place: Alejandro Garcia
3rd Place: Rob Honerbrink


A massive thank you to our pre-apprentices who volunteered their time on Saturday to help make the event run smoothly. This day would not have been possible without your dedication and support!

Also, our heartfelt gratitude to the judges who gave up their Saturday to make this event a success:

  • Joel Aaser
  • Eric Andersen
  • Brohdy Avery
  • Mike Barthel
  • Dylon Collings
  • Spenser Dowd
  • Matthew Hopkins Jr
  • Tom Jones
  • Ben Larson
  • Nick Musech
  • Jacob Randall
  • Jesse Stonehouse
  • James Thell

Your commitment helps nurture the next generation of skilled tradesmen and women. Here’s to many more successful contests!