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Volunteer at Upcoming Construct Tomorrow Events

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What is it?
Construct Tomorrow was founded in 2013 to provide high school students the opportunity to experience trade-work hands on and provide them with awareness of the amazing post-secondary career opportunities that come with being an apprentice.

What will you do?
You will share your experience as an apprentice, help at the hands-on demonstration stations, and answer questions that students may ask.

What do you get out of it?
Aside from free lunch and breakfast, you’ll get credit for one class—this might be a class you’ve already missed or could be used for the future. For non-apprentices, you get union points for your volunteered time. We are also working on a volunteer t-shirt!

When is it?
January 17, 2024 Hinkley Grand Casino 
January 25, 2024 - Litchfield High School
February 14, 2024 - Heritage Center of Brooklyn Center

Typically, you attend from 7am-3pm.

For more information about Construct tomorrow, visit

To sign-up to volunteer, fill out our form or reach out to Rebecca, John S., or your instructor, Michael Churilla, John Kent, Justin Korble, or Nick Radtke.