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2023 Apprentice Contest!

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Our annual Apprentice Contest took place May 6, 2023, where top apprentices from each trade had the opportunity to compete for prizes and notoriety. We had great sponsorship from so many of our signatory contractors, providing us with the ability to present some fantastic prizes. This contest would not be possible with the help and support of our contractors, suppliers, members, and pre-apprentices.

Tile:1st Place: Cody Maus2nd Place: Joe Schille3rd Place: Noah Thompson

PCC:1st Year-1st Place: Cale Chapman1st Year-2nd Place: Chad Lee2nd Year-1st Place: Zakory Lindgren2nd Year-2nd Place: Mike Davidson3rd Year-1st Place: Michael Star3rd Year-2nd Place: Alex Johnson

Brick:1st Year:1st Place: Ethan Poch2nd Place: Matt Plieseis3rd Place: Peter Yackley2nd Year:1st Place: Keanan Carlson2nd Place: Riley Strate3rd Place: Ethan Steen3rd Year:1st Place: Colton Weckwerth2nd Place: Wesley Dodd3rd Place: Brad Mergen