Below are frequently asked questions and answers about the pre-job application and apprenticeship program.

No, but it is used to distinguish you from other applicants. If you do not provide it, then a separate identification number will be assigned to you. The assigned number is what you must use for all of your records.
Yes. Otherwise the coordinators, instructors and employers will be unable to contact you when necessary.
No. This information is used for equal opportunity reports to be submitted to the State of Minnesota, Department of Labor and Industry with respect to compliance with the Affirmative Action policy.
Your apprenticeship is in the construction trades, and the territory covers the States of Minnesota and North Dakota. You must have a reliable form of transportation to commute to and from your work assignments.
Maybe. Your employer may require a physical exam and/or a drug test as a part of its offer of employment.
Yes. The apprenticeship training program is registered with the State of Minnesota, Department of Labor and Industry, which requires attendance of at least 144 hours of classroom instruction (related technical instruction) each year. Classroom instruction attendance is without compensation, and it usually occurs one night per week between September and May.
No. Employment in the bricklayer and allied craftworker trades may not be full-time. There may be periods of unemployment due to weather, economic conditions and other circumstances.
Yes. An apprentice wage is based on a certain percentage of the journeyworker wage. The apprentice wage is subject to periodic increases, and it may depend on the apprentice’s progress on-the-job or in the classroom.

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